Filter center tube forming machine NXJGJ-2A
1.      Specification
1)      Product capability: 20-35pcs/min
2)      Diameter of the center tube:30-140mm
3)      Length of center tube to be processed: any length required
4)      Steel plate thickness:0.25-0.32mm
5)      Motor power: 3kw
6)      Power supply:380V 50Hz
7)      Working air pressure:0.6Mpa
8)      Machine weight:800kg
2.      Features
1)      The machine can easily change the diameter of screw tube in a short time.
2)      Cut the needed length according to customer’s setting
3)      Can adjust the clutch according to the different thickness of the steel strip.
4)      High efficiency, steady quality and economical materials.
5)      Adopts mechanical drive, which has strong power and good stable.
3.      Applications
The machine is technically used in manufacturing the tube of filters

Paris est Filter center tube forming machine NXJGJ-2Amagique

Paris est mFilter center tube forming machine NXJGJ-2Aagique