Full Auto Knife Pleating Machine

Full Auto Knife Pleating Machine

Model No.︰ADJJ-150-3000

Brand Name︰DJJ

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1.        Introduction:


Blade/knife pleating machine has been designed for production of parallel type pleats on media such as polyester filter paper (for dust filter), wooden pulp filter paper (for car/truck/industrial air/oil/fuel filter), glass fiber paper (for HEPA filters) , various types of stainless steel and other wire meshes combination of layers of fabric (for air filter), blinds, etc. Different media require the machine have different accessories and design, so the media need to be specified when customer orders the machine.


The standard model is available in working widths of 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2400, or 3000mm and can undertake pleating in any pleat depth from 10-55mm, 50-105mm or 100-150mm, You need choose the width and pleat depth before you place order.


The pleating machine equipped with PLC, These machines are suited and used for pleating of a variety of medias. It must however be noted that certain medias require pre-heating and post heating for correct formation of the pleats. The counter pressure arrangement can be varied and would result in pleat formation profiles as desired by the customer.


2.        ADJJ-150-3000 Specification:


-          Working width/media max. width: 3000mm (Full Width:3050mm,there is 50mm margin)

-          Pleat depth range: 100-150mm or 50-105mm

-          Working Speed: 10-50 pleats/min

-          Pre & post heating: Provided

-          Max. Heater temperature: 300 centigrade

-          Pleat counter & marker: provided

-          Auto Centralized lubrication: provided

-          Motorized unwinding stand suited for:

Max media roll O.D.-1000mm

Core I.D.-74-78mm

Max weight: 500kg

-          PLC control system:

Temp. of pre & post heating

Adjust position of up heating plate

Adjust position of down blade

Light in the machine on/off

Pleat speed adjust

Packs & pleats counting

Pleats position control

Emergency Detection and Decision

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