air filter mesh tube forming machine D161 W TYPE

air filter mesh tube forming machine D161 W TYPE

Model No.︰D161 W TYPE

Brand Name︰DJJ

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


<c1> Mesh width: 110mm 

<c2> Mesh thickness: 0.5mm – 0.8mm

<c3> Mesh core tube diameter: 80-500mm

<c4> Tube length: 150mm-3000mm (could be longer if required)

<c5> Mesh linear speed: 20meter/min

<c6> Mesh type: Expanded mesh

<c7> Unwinding stand suited for: 310-350 mm

<c8> overall machine dimensions:

   Length: 2868mm

   Width: 1260mm

   Height: 1600mm

   Net weight: 836kg

<c9> Electricals suited for:

Voltage: 380V

Phase: Three

Frequency: 50Hz

Motor 1: 1.5KW 3.7A

Motor 2: 0.25KW 1.35A

Motor 3: 0.75KW 2A


<c10> Production diameter: 80-500mm, each diameter meter need one mould, so customer need inform us what exactly diameter needed, then we could make moulds accordingly.

<c11> Work mode: Full automatic cut

<c12>Applicable products: All kinds of filter inside and outside decoration nets, supporting network

<c13>Applicable material: galvanized steel

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