Full auto air condition filter glue machine

Full auto air condition filter glue machine

Model No.︰NY73

Brand Name︰DJJ

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1. Technical data:

       1) Machine dimension:4700mm (L)X35mm (W) X 950mm (H)

    2) Power:AC220V,3.4KW, include Glue machine : 3KW.

       3) Glue and transfer speed: ( For example: 15mm wide, glue thickness 0.5mm) about 10-12 m/min.

       4) Non woven strip width:16-49mm

    5) Non woven cut length range:80-550mm

    6) Accuracy tolerance:glue length +/- 3mm,cut length: +/- 2mm

2. Function:

The machine with the following features:

 1) Non woven straight function: hot plate roller straight non woven strip to no bend.

 2) The glue width and cut length digitally adjustable, adapt to produce different of cabin filters.

3) Four working station: it could supply the non woven strip for four worker to use,it will be suit big quantity produe.

 4) Out put counter: it could count how many filters has been made

 5) Glue machine for the heating in advance, to facilitate increased production efficiency.

  6) Auto stop function, between the non woven strip,the glue machine could be stop automatically to glue

 7) Glue gun position adjustable.